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A design project for a Baptism in Greece

19 Apr

Today I wanted to share with you a very special project that I was working on for a last month
It was special cuz it was for my good friend and also because I have never done something like that before

I was designing an illustration. Based on that I made a invitation, a doll and a two patchworks; one was used as a box decoration and another one a dress decoration for a little baby girl.

I am very happy and glad that I was chosen to work on a such an unique and beautiful project
At the same time I could visit Greece where the Baptism was happening; country that I am in love with.
I have so many friends there and amazing memories

Indian little girl – graphic design / illustration

18 Feb

Moje najnowsze dziecko, mała indianka
My new baby, little indian girl

indian little girl kiosc

Flower girl – graphic design / illustration

10 Oct

Moja ostatnia ilustracja graficzna
My latest graphic design – illustration

Flower girl

Lea - graphic design

Indian girl / Indianka

2 Oct

Kilka dni temu otrzymałam cudowny prezent urodzinowy.
Wiedziałam, że ta rzecz zdecydowanie ułatwi tworzenie ilustracji.
No i teraz już mam, mój własny tablet graficzny firmy wacom.

A oto pierwsza praca nim wykonana.

Jak Wam się podoba??
Narysować coś jeszcze ??

Few days ago I got a perfect birthday present.
I knew that, this item will help a lot with making illustrations.
And now I have, my own wacom graphic tablet.

This is my first work made with it.
What do you think??
Do you like it??
Should I make more??


Posters – Coffee & Paris

10 Sep

Zabawa grafiką i literkami czasem mogą przynieść interesujące rezultaty.
Jak Wam się podobają plakaty made by kiosc ?

Playing with graphic design and letters sometime can bring quite interesting results.
Do you like posters made by kiosc ?



illustration from my dream / z mojego snu

19 Oct

Czasem miewam dziwne sny 🙂

Sometimes I have weird dreams 🙂


5 May

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