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A design project for a Baptism in Greece

19 Apr

Today I wanted to share with you a very special project that I was working on for a last month
It was special cuz it was for my good friend and also because I have never done something like that before

I was designing an illustration. Based on that I made a invitation, a doll and a two patchworks; one was used as a box decoration and another one a dress decoration for a little baby girl.

I am very happy and glad that I was chosen to work on a such an unique and beautiful project
At the same time I could visit Greece where the Baptism was happening; country that I am in love with.
I have so many friends there and amazing memories

Indian little girl – graphic design / illustration

18 Feb

Moje najnowsze dziecko, mała indianka
My new baby, little indian girl

indian little girl kiosc

Girl II – illustration

25 Aug

Moja ostatnia ilustracja.
My latest illustration.

girl illustration


Girl – illustration

26 Nov

illustration - girl

“lighthouse” painting / “latarnia morska” obraz

20 Nov

Tak jakoś stęskniłam się dziś za latem i morzem. Wy też tęsknicie już za latem??

Obraz “latarnia morska” farby olejne, 30/40 cm

I really miss summer and sea today. And you, do you miss summer??

Oil painting “lighthouse”, 30/40 cm

i kilka inspirujących zdjęć z pintersest

and a bit of inspiration from pinterest

grandma / babcia

13 Mar

Moja babcia ma dziś imieniny. Wszystkiego najlepszego babciu !!! 🙂

My grandmother has a name day. Happy name day grandma !!! 🙂

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